"We needed someone to stand by us, to care and to listen to our stories and what we are going through”


Rana, 40, is Lebanese is mother of three boys and one girl. Her husband is jobless/unemployed. She is living in Syr El Danniyeh, in North Lebanon.

Rana attended remotely the psychosocial sessions in positive parenting and early marriage awareness-sessions, which aims at promoting protection measures for the self-development and wellbeing of vulnerable children and adults, from Syrian and Lebanese populations.

I learned from the sessions how to improve the relation with my children. I felt as well extremely comfortable during the sessions, I had finally a space where I could express myself”, Rana said with a smile.

She added “The sessions improved my resilience and helped me reduce the anxiety I was feeling throughout
the difficult times and the instability I felt during the lock down. I was as well prone to negative feelings and because of the sessions I was able to get rid of my bad thoughts” 

“We carry many burdens on our shoulders and we needed someone to stand by us, to care and to listen to our stories and what we are going through”

During the Covid-19 outbreak, Rana’s daughter got engaged and her aim was to get her married as soon as possible despite the fact that she is only 17 years old.

After attending the awareness sessions on early marriage, Rana thought carefully and decided to not push her daughter to get married so soon and give her more time to know her future husband before she jumps into an immature marriage.

She added, “The positive parenting sessions were extremely rewarding to me as well, I learned how to listen to my children and support them solving their problems, and especially how to not get angry on them, as our children needs constantly our love and affection”

We also learned that positive parenting is a common responsibility for both parents, and we should understand that our kids have different needs as they grow up.”

Rana ended “I have applied the positive parenting learnings with my family, and I could see that I have now a better communication with my kids.

I really wish I can attend more sessions with the Qudra Programme as I have felt the benefits on myself and especially when dealing with my family”.

Story by: Samar Korban