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Facilitating Dialogue and Dissemination

This module aims to provide opportunities and platforms for refugees, IDPs and host community members as well as all other key stakeholders to enter into constructive dialogue and make their voices heard. It fosters mutual learning and exchange of information and experiences on policies conducive to enhanced resilience and future perspectives for refugees and members of host communities.

Facilitating Dialogue and Dissemination (SO5) module of Qudra aims at providing opportunities to give a voice to refugees, IDPs and members of host communities. This is achieved through utilising various constructive dialogue formats for interactive knowledge sharing, best practices exchange and collaborative learning in a participatory and inclusive manner. The multi-stakeholder approach plays an essential role that enables the development of strategies and measures for an appropriate response to the region’s refugee crisis.

Through series of workshops, expert meetings, national and regional conferences, progressive policies are being developed that are conducive to enhanced economic resilience and future perspectives for Syrian refugees and host communities are being developed, different dimensions of the refugee crisis are analysed, and best practices are communicated to relevant stakeholders.

Within this framework, EU Madad Labs play an essential role: they act as a comprehensive forum for Qudra’s key beneficiaries and other relevant stakeholders to work together in identifying key issues and jointly develop sustainable, context-based, innovative solutions and initiatives.