Specific Objectives (SO)

Qudra aims to strengthen the resilience of host communities, refugees and displaced persons in five key areas.

  • Education Infrastructure: Improving school infrastructure and access to extracurricular activities (e.g. sports) in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey;
  • Skills Development: Expanding and improving basic vocational skills in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey;
  • Social Cohesion: Strengthening social cohesion through access to information and community-based services in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey;
  • Supporting Local Administrations: Strengthening the capacities of local administrations in Jordan and in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq;
  • Facilitating Dialogue and Dissemination: Promoting dialogue and exchange of experience among all stakeholders on policies conductive to enhanced resilience of refugees, IDPs and host communities in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

One of the key strengths of Qudra is its broad cross-sectoral portfolio and modular approach in implementation, which allows a variety of interventions focused on key aspects of livelihood and service provision. There is high flexibility within and across the modules, which enables Qudra further to explore synergies between the modules.

All modules are planned from a regional perspective, and thereby contribute to regional solutions and synergies. With implementation strategies in place in all four countries, the strategies can be easily adjusted and adapted to national and local conditions, plans, and standards.