Rudolf Rogg’s School Visit in Gaziantep

On February 9th, Mr. Rudolf Rogg, Head of GIZ MENA Division, joined a badminton session for the students of Mehmet Çolakoğlu Primary School in Gaziantep, Turkey. The school is one of the public schools with limited resources hosting enamours numbers of Syrian students where Qudra Programme is working.


On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the EU Madad Trust Fund, Qudra focuses through its specific objective “Education Infrastructure” at enhancing the conditions at schools to provide access for all children.

As a part of its intervention, Qudra support public schools in South East Turkey with continuous extracurricular activities to promote social cohesion. Mr. Rogg was delighted to hand out sport equipment during his visit to the students. Shuttlecocks, racquet sets, nets and sneakers will open the room for Turkish and Syrian students to participate in a wider extra-curricular sport offer among other activities and create new friendships.

Important exchange with national authorities

To better align coordination efforts, Mr Rogg exchanged also with Çolakoglu School Principal Mr. Erhan Bozkurt and Provincial Deputy Director of National Education Mr. Halit Ateş on challenges faced on school and provincial level and ways to address them. They discussed the importance of supporting social cohesion between Turkish and Syrian students at public schools. Before leaving the school Mr Rogg socialized and had chat with the primary school students surrounding him and enjoyed a family photograph.

Qudra programme in Turkey seeks to increase access to good quality education services for members of the host communities and Syrian refugees in the country. One of the emphasis of the Programme is on the provision of quality extra-curricular activities in the fields of culture and sports for Syrian and Turkish students at public schools.