The Governorate Development Facility has so far selected 27 Quick Impact Projects (QIPs) for implementation to improve basic service delivery jointly with local authorities and communities.

With its support for Quick Impact Projects (QIPs), the Governorate Development Facility has helped to rebuild small-scale infrastructure together with the local authorities and communities, providing better basic services and livelihood opportunities. More than 300,000 citizens benefitted from improved electricity and water supply, access to education and health services and economic opportunities. Under Qudra 2, the Governorate Development Facility in KRI has selected an additional 27 QIPs for implementation. During the lockdown three additional QIPs were jointly selected to specifically support basic service delivery in the health sector: power supply for an isolation hospital in Erbil, a laboratory for viral diagnosis in Halabja and an ICU ward for a Peshmerga clinic in Sulaymaniyah. Over 680,000 people in 62 municipalities will benefit from improved services. 62 Government officials were trained in public service delivery.

In the second phase, the successful model will be extended to the liberated areas of Iraq. Preparations are on-going.

Over 680,000 people in 62 municipalities to benefit from improved services

62 Government officials trained in public service delivery