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Opening of the Halabja weekend market

Food brings people together and supports the local economy

by Dr. Regina Tauschek, December 2018

"I love farmers’ markets and I am delighted to open the weekend market in Halabja", explains Clarisse Pastory, Head of the EU Liaison Office in Erbil. While exploring the farmers’ products, Ms. Pasztory politely declines welcoming presents and instead buys walnuts, pomegranates, olive oil, dried apricots and a bracelet, thereby demonstrating the market’s purpose – namely to support local farmers to generate income.

Ms. Pastory points out the market’s advantages: an income source for the agricultural sector allowing local farmers to sell their fresh products and compete with imported ones, the strengthening of the local economy, the individual health benefits fresh produce provides, the fact that local produce means less transport and less environmental pollution and that the market is a place to meet, chat and interact. Food brings people together, Ms. Pastory emphasises. The Qudra Programme, in cooperation with the Halabja Governorate and the Directorate of Agriculture, supported the construction of the weekend market as a Quick Impact Project measure.

Published on GIZ in Iraq Newsletter, Issue No. 17, December 2018