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‘It has been a great experience working with colleagues from different backgrounds and tackle important issues and propose solutions. Madad Lab allowed us to think as a team and work together for the benefit of the community.’

(On the 1st Regional Meeting of EU Madad Skills Innnovation Lab, 28-29 March, 2017)

‘We started discussing major issues on a country level while exchanging information and learning about the situations in different contexts. The exercises were really important and helpful in narrowing our broad issues to two to three specific items. We can now go back to our countries with new ideas on skills development for the youth and see them translated into projects. Excellent organization.’

Ghadeer Khuffash, CEO of Jordan Education for Employment (JEFE)


© Qudra Programme

‘The lab was an inspiring space to give shape to our innovative ideas on vocational trainings and turn them into reality. We created a new prototype for young girls among Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian in the host communities, to overcome the problem of low retention rate. From drafting a CANVAS model to learning how to pitch an idea, I can say that the innovation lab was a valuable and enriching experience that helped me develop new skills in a creative way, surrounded by a competent team.’

Alessandra Contigianiage 29

As I am attending the Qudra Day in Ankara, being a part of it for giving workshops on entrepreneurship to refugees and displaced people, I remembered again that the most discussed topic was freedom. While listening to the panel I understood the great impact this program created, a combined effort from GIZ and the Turkish government, and you understand in how many forms freedom can come to you. Very grateful that modesty and being humble knocks on my door every day. So enjoy Neil Armstrong and the power of this song represents. Listen here

Patrick Bosteels
(Co-Funder, Stage-Co)


‘The QUDRA workshop helped draw my attention to the importance of the issue of retention from an equity perspective, and ways to redress the balance principally through policy development, building awareness, and management development, with particular reference to women among refugees and its hosting communities in Jordan.’

Mona Taji, PhD Education specialist