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Social Cohesion

Cross-cutting component


One of the challenges of the protracted displacement is how to foster community cohesion and mitigate rising social tensions between refugees, IDPs, returnees and host communities, especially in urban contexts. Qudra 2 supports activities to promote dialogue by providing safe spaces for exchange and innovation that involve diverse groups of stakeholders and participants. The programme’s target groups and other stakeholders will be engaged in dialogue tables, exchange formats and working group sessions to enhance community cohesion, to build the future of Syria. 

Accurate information will be produced and disseminated to the target audience through outreach programs, information campaigns, and/or awareness-raising sessions.

Promoting social cohesion and mitigating the rising social tensions among target groups is one of Qudra 2's strategic guiding principles. Qudra 2 will directly address this challenge by facilitating dialogue and providing safe spaces where open exchange between groups of stakeholders and participants will promote community cohesion.

Qudra will give special attention throughout the programme to children, youth, women and other highly vulnerable population groups, such as the elderly and the disabled.